Serious results can only be achieved by taking all factors into consideration lifestyle, medical history, medications, environment, physiological changes, stressors, skin and body concerns.

A consultation with our experienced skin specialists redeemable on products or treatments. 

BEAUTYMEDIX consultation process is paramount, the beginning of your journey to an end desired, instructed and delivered within a culture of best practices and safety revolving exclusively around your needs and requirements.

This is a review where other clinicians inclusive of our cosmetic practitioners,   doctor may be involved with our specialist dermal therapist and clinicians. This review is bespoke and encompasses potentially a complete lifestyles review and treatment solution.

With our experienced and committed skin specialist.

BEAUTYMEDIX skin specialists main objective is to deliver a specialised clinical skin and health assessment in a nurturing, opulent environment conducive to thorough diagnostic reviews while practicing and delivering the best treatment outcomes and skin prescriptions. An investment in the health & beauty of all skin types and conditions, which continue through the diagnostic review of lifestyle, environmental, hereditary genetic and cultural considerations culminating in a solution and journey together. 

BEAUTYMEDIX skin and health solutions are achieved while engaging our main objectives with the use of RESULT ORIENTED highly effective and proven cosmeceuticals and all natural predominantly organic botanical formulations allowing for a bespoke collection of prescriptions for our gender neutral clients. 

Recognising the role of injectable treatments and more ablative prescriptions we endeavour to provide a solution which has integrity of treatment and is results driven facilitated via our experienced and highly recognized cosmetic and specialised aesthetics practitioner.

The personalised homecare regime combined with our inherent philosophy and ethical efficacy will allow for a BESPOKE formulation and collection of solutions designed to offer clarity and direction in prescribing your individualised lifestyle prescription for skin, body, health. 

BeautyMedix commitment to innovation and progressive result driven treatments ensures that you will experience a service comparable to none, and a culture of best practices and safety revolving exclusively around the needs and treatment requirement of our clients.

With an inherent philosophy of ethical efficacy combined with a bespoke and comprehensive treatment menu we will endeavour to meet and surpass your expectations and provide you with RESULTS from anti-ageing to improvements in skin texture, tone, laxity with conditions ranging from rosacea, acne,all forms of pigmentation, photo damage and so much more.

The journey continues ensuring our clients are not only satisfied with their results but that we are committed to a PARTNERSHIP leaving our clientele with a sense of fulfilment and gratification, knowing that our skin specialists and the SERENITY which is BEAUTYMEDIX always delivers.