This is the perfect pick me up for all skin types, conditions and concerns. This gentle antioxidant exfoliating treatment leaves the skin radiant, renewed and glowing. This gluten free product is perfect for sufferers with severe gluten sensitivities. a combination of botanical ingredients, science, conditioning moisturizers, full of antioxidants.


Often referred to as the lunchtime peel a wonderful option for those pick me up moments, very gentle and effective being a results driven treatment but minus the downtime, active enzyme Blueberry, Papain and Pomegranate extract. 


Manage the visible signs of ageing with a blend of potent peptides and stem cell technology to reveal vibrant glowing skin. This gentle metabolic treatment offers exfoliation with lactic acid and retinol to reduce the look of ageing and compromised skin unveiling a brighter supplier complexion. With the addition of raspberry oil, which is known to naturally absorb UV radiation, this treatment helps protect the skin from future damage post treatment. 


Resurfaces, corrects nourishes and protects with fruit enzymes, vitamins A and C. The perfect treatment series for hyperpigmentation, evening skin tone, acne scars, dark spots, fine lines and wrinkles packed with fighting free radical antioxidants, defending skin from environmental stress, inflammation and collagen damage. Helping with acne and decongesting clogged skin with salicylic acid, L-retinol AGP complex curbing breakouts and stimulating cellular turn over.


Cosmedix purity peel is an effective metabolic peel for the treatment of acne and congested skin and scarring. This detoxifying deep epidermal peel with unique blend of acids and l-retinol AGP stimulating cellular renewal, resurfacing the skin without irritation,, normalising sebaceous activity, decongests pores with 10% AGP complex, (a group of amino acids that serve to deliver retinol to the target site with little or no irritation). Zinc, turmeric, L-Mandelic and Salycilic acid, designed decongest, clarify pores and oils leaving skin calmer, smoother hydrated with a beautiful glow.


Retinaol Vitamin A which is the Rolls Royce of anti-ageing and lactic acid with 30% AGP complex this peel helps by working deeply within the layers to improve tone, texture, laxity and general skin appearance and skin fitness. This treatment is stimulating collagen and cellular turn over. Visibly reducing signs of aging, improving pigmentation and treating sun damaged.

30% - 40% PEELS


Lactic acid is derived from sour milk or yogurt and has high hydration power stimulating collagen and elastin improving skin tone and texture, particularly suitable for all skin types but extremely effective in treating dehydration and flakiness and premature ageing. It is specifically effective in dissolving dead skin cells and promoting cellular skin rejuvenation and increasing hydration.


Mandelic acid is an exfoliating peel for oily and acne prone skin with Anti-Seborrhoeic properties to reduce oil production and wonderful agent for photo –ageing and pigmentation, it is obtained from hydrolysis of bitter almond extract. This active agent leaving skin feeling restored and harmoniously rebalanced. 


Salicylic acid is very specific in nature traditionally used to combat white heads and exfoliating deep within the pores because it is attracted to oils. It mixes freely with existing oils on the epidermis as well as the sebaceous material within the follicle. Perfect for problematic, acne, oil, sun damaged and pre-matured aged skin. Derived from the willow bark tree traditionally recognised as natures anti inflammatory.


Meso Modified Jessner this is a combination of various chemical compounds of lactic, salicylic and citric acid varying in percentages. This particular treatment is targeted to dull, slightly wrinkled, photo aged or ageing, congested, acne, scarring and post inflammatory pigmentation. This result driven treatment allows you to enjoy the benefits of advanced research and technological advances in skincare.

This is a specified peel which requires a detailed consultation & preparation of the skin to ensure the highest efficacy of treatment. This service is extended to include other modalities of treatment for superior long term results.


Cosmelan is an efficient cosmetic depigmentation treatment against skin blemishes caused by melanin pigmentation. Blemishes of melanic origin are a frequent skin beauty problem. These blemishes have various origins, among which are genetic, ethnic group, sex, pregnancy, oral contraception use, menopause. Solar Radicals are also triggering factors that increase the incidence of newly-appearing blemishes of melanic origin. The Cosmelan method is designed to eradicate dark patches (excess melanin) from the skin. Continuous treatment with acids inhibits the melanogenesis and triggers progressive flaking of the stratum corneum, which decreases melanin deposits and removes or lightens dark patches.


A medical grade 3-step treatment for Acne affected skin. Used on most Acne affected areas of the face and body. The core of this formula developed by Mesoestetic is unique in combining various active substances with complementary and synergistic actions to fight against the different factors determining the individual’s acne condition. 

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In order to provide each & every client with a tailored experience specific to their skin needs, a consult will be partaken prior to building a treatment plan for you if desired.

This may be regular treatments for acneic skin types or those wanting regenerative aesthetics. 

We keep budget in mind & build treatment schedules that work with you.