How you can truly reverse signs of ageing with 
Regenerative Aesthetics

Regenerative Aesthetics involves stimulating the body's natural healing process to rejuvenate, regenerate and even slow down the natural aging process. This can be achieved through numerous means such as stimulating  collagen cellular turnover to revitalise your skin from inside to out. Scientifically validated treatments and technologies are utilised only after extensive research and practical analysis has been undertaken in consultation with our medically qualified advisers.

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Aging, Rhytides, & Wrinkles

Your skin changes as you age. You might notice wrinkles, age spots, oily and even dry regions. Your skin also becomes thinner (crepey) as fat, fibrin and collagen are depleted, making it less plump and smooth. The first visible signs of skin aging is usually rhytides and then wrinkles.

Wrinkles or Rhytides?

There exists a subtle difference in the distinction between wrinkles and rhytides. Rhytides are fine lines which appear in areas of motion (dynamic), while wrinkles (static) are the deeper folds or creases and usually set in after dynamic rhytides.

Static vs. Dynamic Rhytides/Wrinkles

Regardless of where rhytides/wrinkles occur on the face and body, they can be divided into two general categories:

• Dynamic rhytides or wrinkles can develop in zones of repetitive movements, facial expressions, or habits, such as squinting, frowning and laughing.

• Static wrinkles can develop as the aftermath of unresolved dynamic rhytides or from the effects of gravity and a loss of skin elasticity, such as on the jowls, around the eyes, hands, neck or cleavage.

Dynamic rhytides ultimately become permanently etched onto the skin as static wrinkles.

For example, dynamic rhytides around the eyes (ie., fine lines caused by laughing or squinting) may develop into deeper static wrinkles as skin around the eyes becomes thinner and more fragile with age. Ultimately, the dynamic rhytides become static wrinkles - permanently visible even without facial expression or movement.



Skin Tightening by our BeautyMedix Specialists

How to Manage Rhytides & Wrinkles 

Achieved through stimulating cellular turnover & the production of collagen in your own skin to reverse signs of ageing...

In addition to,

• staying hydrated (drink clean water),

• minimizing sun exposure,

• utilizing a quality sun-block,

• avoiding cigarettes, and

• excessive alcohol consumption,

• harsh soap

The early adoption of a quality maintenance and treatment regime is the most effective way to sustain youthful skin well into your 40’s, 50's, and dare we say, even your 60's. Early adoption of a maintenance regime is no less essential than tooth/mouth hygiene regime.

The body's natural repair function can be awakened to delay the onset of, or regenerate and remodel rhytides, wrinkles, skin elasticity, thinning skin, acne scarring and photo-age damage. Prognosis and treatment by an experienced clinician is crucial to ensure selection of the optimum treatment for your skin type for repeatable, safe and sustainable results. 

Maintenance & Treatment

Consultation with an experienced dermal clinician whose primary motivation is not the business’ bonus or quota scheme is a prudent starting point. Early adoption of a quality home maintenance routine, encapsulating scientifically proven topicals is your best insurance for looking youthful well into your 40’s, 50’s or 60’s. The scientific evidence elucidates specific topicals are optimal for specific skin types, conditions and age groups. Topicals and oral supplements containing Hyaluronic Acid, Beta and Alpha Hydroxy, Retinoids, Collagen (bovine collagen) are all clinically proven tools in our arsenal. Most recently, scientific developments in the field of Nitric Oxide topicals have again focused the spotlight on the benefits available through the adoption of scientifically validated regenerative topicals and supplements.

There are a number of safe and effective clinical treatments to boost skin health from below the surface for a natural smoother and firmer appearance. Ideally we want to achieve this without disrupting or destroying the skins (surface) microbiome. When a healthy composition of microorganisms and bacteria on the skin is disturbed the skin becomes vulnerable to an overgrowth in pathogenic bacteria, increased inflammation and an altered skin Ph, which can introduce unintended and unwanted challenges.

Non-surgical rhytide and wrinkle reduction treatments options which present minimal disruption to the skin's natural microbiome include;

• Radio Frequency (RF),

• Low Level Light Therapy in the form of Light Emitting Diode “LLLT-LED”, and

• Vivace RF Micro-Needling

Each treatment option involves kick-starting the bodies natural repair cycle by boosting the production of collagen and elastin fibrin to promote skin health while achieving a noticeably smoother, younger-looking appearance. These technologies have been selected based on three key criteria,

• Efficacy,

• Safety and

• Long-term sustainable benefit.

We can treat rhytides and wrinkles without downtime, or altering the shape of the face which might result in a “plumped” appearance. You will note that we have omitted laser therapy as a candidate treatment for rhytides and wrinkles. You will also note that we indicated earlier that one of the inevitable symptoms of age is thinning or crepey skin. Although lasers have a role to play in skin treatment they present with greater risks and downtime, especially for darker skin types as well as skin which is already thinning or crepey. It is prudent to select treatment regime with care to avoid complications and challenges in later years.

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