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A BEAUTYMEDIX SIGNATURE TREATMENT, it is a specialized but highly effective  treatment, also known as epidermal leveling, it is a form of layered exfoliation.


  • brighter, smoother and more youthful skin.
  • instantaneous with improvements to skin texture, tone, and laxity.
  • Long-term results revealing an increase in cellular turnover
  • a reduction in wrinkles and brown spots
  • improvements in acne scarring
  • the ultimate in smoother skin with removal of Vellus hair - a.k.a. "peach fuzz" or fine facial hair
  • suitable for all skin types inclusive of  acneic skin, oilier and more responsive skin types, this hair  traps debris and oils, contributing to congestion, a duller lack luster appearance
  • It is recommended for all skin types but as discussed deep cystic acne and breakouts need to be controlled and clear before undergoing this treatment.
  • trans-dermal delivery of all infusions and active serums because the dead dry skin cells are no longer creating a barrier to absorption, allowing for penetration via the skin and a polished, smoother canvas for your makeup.
  • Pre procedural skin prep
  •  NON-GENDER specific treatment and most men love it as a deep shave and exfoliation administered by our experts
  • A great treatment if you are pregnant or nursing
  • It will not affect hair growth or texture
  • SPECIAL EVENTS TREATMENT - fresh smooth skin