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ACNE treatments to arrest and manage active acneaic conditions in adolescents and adults without harsh drugs or ablative laser has come a long way in recent years. Beautymedix has successfully treated active acne conditions including treatment of scarring in adolescents and adults. Our primary goal is to arrest the acneaic condition and then establish a sustainable and manageable maintenance program.

Acne symptoms vary depending on the severity of your condition and may include:

  • Whiteheads: These remain under the skin and are relatively inconspicuous.
  • Blackheads: Clearly visible, they are black and appear on the surface of the skin
  • Papules: Small, usually pink bumps, these are visible on the surface of the skin
  • Pustules: Clearly visible on the surface of the skin. They are red at their base and have pus at the top
  • Nodules: Clearly visible on the surface of the skin. They are large, solid, painful pimples that are embedded deep in the skin
  • Cysts: Clearly visible on the surface of the skin. They are painful and filled with pus. Cysts can cause scars.

 An image paints a thousand words. These are before and after images of  clients treated at Beautymedix;     


Beautymedix will support your journey towards compliant, manageable and beautiful skin. Make your appointment for a COMPLIMENTARY CONSULTATION. Beautymedix bespoke consultation to achieve the utmost efficacy and safety in the shortest time frame.

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