ACNE treatments to arrest and manage active acneaic conditions in adolescents and adults without harsh drugs or ablative laser has come a long way in recent years. Beautymedix has successfully treated active acne conditions including treatment of scarring in adolescents and adults. Our primary goal is to arrest the acneaic condition and then establish a sustainable and manageable maintenance program.

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To provide you with a bespoke experience and outcomes, your journey at BeautyMedix will begin with a consultation with either our experienced clinicians or our Cosmetic Doctor. 

The consultation will help identify and prioritise your concerns. 

A treatment or product regime will be established based upon your goals, budget and schedule constraints.

Want to enquire?

In order to provide each & every client with a proper diagnostic evaluation tailored specific to their skin needs, a through consult will be partaken prior to any treatment and maintenance program.

Bespoke solutions offer our clients the greatest results individually suited to each and every clients specific needs and goals from acneic conditions to regenerative solutions. 

Affordability : We keep any and all budget considerations in mind & build treatment schedules that work.


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