The BEAUTYMEDIX PHILOSOPHY is about the individual’s desired COSMETIC, BEAUTY and WELL-BEING goals. The consultation process allows for a BESPOKE assessment considering your past, current and future lifecycle. Our aim is to assist in delivering a solution to all your short and long-term goals. We endeavor to consult and treat, recommending products which best meet your specific needs rather than merely promote technologies and products at our disposal.

Services may include the complete spectrum of treatments form the non-invasive express beauty solutions to the use of a myriad of modalities, and surgical options and intervention where warranted and desired. At BeautyMedix beauty and wellbeing take into consideration both intrinsic and the extrinsic.

The products we offer are all fair traded, ethically sourced and sustainable. Our technologies, practices and products have been established with procedural integrity. Our treatments and services range from treating specific skin concerns such as hyper-pigmentation and melasma to anti -aging and rejuvenation all designed to replenish and balance, culminating in a wholistic regime experience.

We are committed to ensuring safe, compliant and quality assured products and services. This requires BeautyMedix to acknowledge our responsibility to provide the highest quality services to our clientele, brands and partners. We intend to facilitate a culture of best practices and safety revolving exclusively around the needs and requirements of our clientele and staff.


Our objective is to provide a nurturing, opulent environment conducive to thorough consultations and diagnostic reviews, while delivering the best treatment outcomes and skin prescriptions. Engaging in non-invasive cosmeceutical, organic botanical treatments, remedial and massage specialization, internal health alternatives and applications inclusive of mindful meditation, Reiki,Tai Chi Yoga and Integrated solutions.

Our experienced and specialized cosmetic practioner working with our Doctor and Plastic Surgeon offer our clientele a total solution providing Injectable Treatments and more ablative propositions inclusive of surgical options on an individual needs basis. In this endeavour we provide an in-house solution which is ethical and has integrity of treatment. 


BeautyMedix is committed to its philanthropic partnerships and the integrity of all products and practices, while actively increasing the exposure and affiliation of our worldly and worthy partners. Hagar Australia works to transform and restore the lives of women and children who have been trafficked, trapped in slavery or abused. This is part of a larger network partnering with Australian, US and UK Governments, inclusive of agencies like UNICEF. In Australia, Hagar’s work is championed by patron, actor Rachel Griffiths. In the November 2016 issue of Marie Claire, Rachel said “I was drawn to the work of Hagar because their mission is so specific: to take one person who has been rescued from domestic or sexual enslavement. It’s case by case. And it’s medical, legal. It’s working with local authorities. It’s deep trauma processing.... The final thing is to provide education in some kind of trade because if you are able to make a living, you’re worth more than being a trafficked person".

Hagar plays an influential role in public policy on human trafficking and slavery as a member of the Australian Government’s Roundtable on Human Trafficking and Slavery. BeautyMedix is committed to raising awareness and funds for Hagar Australia and championing the works and values of this wonderful organization.

We are a Conscious Clinic with our ethos of ‘Recognising we are more than the sum of our own existence' and as such we will reveal further details of our social justice programs, commitments and partnering.